29 August 2008

NetEvents TV launches new site

Exciting times ahead! We've just revamped the NetEvents TV site - it went live this week. And we're doubling the volume of content we publish every month -- starting from this month.

New site design
The site changes are more evolutionary than revolutionary -- we've had a lot of positive feedback on the site's look and feel, and don't want to chuck out the proverbial baby with the bathwater. All the same, there were lots of things we wanted to change, especially with respect to the way that visitors navigate our video content.

There's probably a lot more content up on the site than you imagine -- but how can you find it? If you know what you're looking for, you can always use the search facility, which works well. But if you're browsing, it's a bit of a different story.

So we've changed the way that the navigation works while retaining the same basic look and feel, just freshening it up a bit. With the old site, you navigated the content according to the format the content was in. For example, the main tabs were titled Spotlights, Industry Leaders, Webinars, and so on.

We thought we could improve on that by exposing the content itself. So for example, the new main categories accessible from the front page include Telco Infrastructure, Enterprise Applications & Services, Security, and Mobile & Wireless. This means that you can drill down through our content according to what interests you rather than the format it's in.

That said, the baby remains firmly wedged in the bath. If you want to look at content by format, you still can. For example, there's a CxO Perspectives channel, where you can view videos of interviews and keynotes by IT industry leaders. Yet the quality of the content and how you view it on our site both remain the same, as does the ability to view it in any one of six languages -- a unique service which no comparable site can offer.

We're also planning an exciting channel that will see industry execs going head-to-head -- with even more planned for upcoming months.

Your comments on the changes are more than welcomed - especially if you spot any bugs....

More content
And there's more content -- from the start of September 2008, you'll find us posting two documentaries every month, one covering broadly enterprise communications issues, the other covering telecommunications topics.

The first of our double-content months sees a focus on Ethernet. Regular readers will have seen our History of Ethernet documentary starring Bob Metcalfe, inventor of the technology. Now we've looked forward and have a new documentary on the future of Ethernet, which also includes an interview with Metcalfe.

And since Ethernet is such a broad church, we couldn't resist covering one of the most challenging technological developments -- 100 gigabit Ethernet -- in the second of our documentaries.

Check out our front page for more....

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