23 December 2008

Looking to the future on NTV

It's traditional at this end of the year to send out seasonal greetings -- and NTV's not about to break that tradition. So, as the sun sets on (almost) the shortest day of the year, let me wish you the very best for the coming year -- and even if things might be quite as good as we'd all hope, I fervently hope you have a great holiday over the coming few days.

And it's about the future that I'd like briefly to grab your attention. You may have noticed that we've not uploaded much content onto NTV over the last few weeks. That's because we're storing it up for a big push in the new year, as 2009 will see us producing more content than ever. We've streamlined our processes and plan to bring even more exciting content than ever.

Let me be specific. Coming up we have a wide-ranging interview with Art Coviello, president of one of the world's most innovative security companies, RSA Security, in which he talks about the future of security, the industry and his company.

While we're talking about CxOs, we'll also be publishing a fascinating interview with Rob Clyde, who's in charge of technology at Symantec -- you'll have heard of them. You'll find that and the Coviello interview in our CxO Perspectives Channel.

Additionally, we've interviewed a leading industry analyst, Michael Howard of Infonetics Research, who provides his views on the recession, how long it's likely to last and what it means for the IT industry. Check out our Analyst Outlook section for that.

And perhaps best of all, we went to Silicon Valley especially to ask the money men (and they were almost all men) where the money's going to come from now, what it'll be spent on and when it'll run out. You'll find their views along with those of a host of hopeful entrepreneurs in our Silicon Valley Recession Special.

All of this will be published in the next month, along with our regular monthly documentary, which focuses on IMS and asks where this much-vaunted but undelivered multimedia-enabling technology is -- it's been promised since 2002 -- and whether it matters any more.

You'll also find a new feature called Editor's View, in which I provide my view on a topic of the day. Comments always welcomed of course.

That's it for 2008 -- some say good riddance but it's been interesting if nothing else and I've learnt a lot. Hope you have too.

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