10 February 2011

Accedian heads for growth

Accedian Networks' vice-president of marketing, Craig Easley, told journalists at NetEvents in Barcelona today that his company was set for growth, having negotiated a $19 million round of funding in August 2010, and was experiencing high levels of growth.

The company makes hardware that allows mobile network operators to monitor, measure and manipulate traffic between its base stations and the rest of the network.

Its products include the MetroNID which Accedian recently upgraded to add clock synchronisation. This feature uses a GPS-derived clock signal to synchronise the cellular network and the MetroNIDs deployed in the base stations to an accuracy of five microseconds or batter, depending on how they are deployed.

"We do network monitoring that can be installed at the base station and test the network's performance," said Easley. "Network operators can measure ongoing performance to check that the access network provider is delivering on service level agreements. We use metrics such as one-way latency, jitter -- changes in packet delay -- and frame loss. Those four metrics allow you to compute service availability."

"We've also recently added patented technology that gives the operator the ability to measure the performance of a live network by only measuring using the network's unused bandwidth."

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