10 February 2011

MEF to certify Ethernet professionals

The Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) announced the expansion of its certification programme to journalists at NetEvents in Barcelona today.

The MEF is introducing a Carrier Ethernet professional certification programme for individuals in the telecoms industry. It certifies expertise in Carrier Ethernet technologies, standards, services and applications, said the MEF.

The MEF certification programme was launched in 2005, and verifies that equipment and service providers conform to standardised specifications. The MEF described the certification programme as the telecoms industry’s reference for Carrier Ethernet excellence. The new extension allows the MEF to certify individuals who possess a baseline of Carrier Ethernet knowledge, making it easier to identify experts in the field, said the MEF.

The MEF and other certification providers will award certification to individuals who pass tests developed by leaders and experts in the Carrier Ethernet industry. The MEF is currently authorising organisations to offer training courses that prepare individuals to pass the exams.

According to the MEF, it's suited to product and technical marketing managers, pre-sales and application engineers, product planners and technically oriented sales professionals. To pass, individuals will face a written exam covering Carrier Ethernet technology and service fundamentals from an applications perspective.

If they do, they'll be awarded an official certificate and be listed in a directory of MEF certified professionals, posted on the MEF and EthernetAcademy.net websites.

MEF COO Kevin Vachon said at NetEvents: "MEF's equipment and services certification programmes have experienced broad industry acceptance and are an important enabler of the standardisation and globalisation of Carrier Ethernet. With extensive Carrier Ethernet infrastructure now in place, the CECP program targets technical sales and marketing professionals that are key to monetising these assets with new services and accelerating growth in our industry."

The new MEF programme is currently in the pilot phase with general availability scheduled for the second quarter of this year. Authorised training providers will also be announced in that quarter as well.

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