27 October 2011

NetEvents APAC Press and Analyst Summit, Phuket, Thailand

NetEvents APAC Press and Analyst Summit takes place is just a few weeks time at the beautiful Indigo Pearl hotel in Phuket, Thailand.

There are concerns about the weather in Northern Thailand with flooding reported amid torrential rain but fortunately Phuket is defying the storm and it is sunny, hot and clear blue skies!

The headline on the Phuket weather blogspot: http://phuket-weather.blogspot.com/2011/10/sun-and-only-sun-certainly-no-floods.html is Sun and only sun. Certainly no floods.

Bangkok International airport, is currently operating as normal. And there are online news reports that beach resorts to Bangkok's south and east are unaffected by the torrential rain.

Phuket is approx. 850km south of Bangkok and has experienced beautiful weather for the past two weeks, remaining totally unaffected by flooding.

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