21 February 2012

NetEvents Garmisch, February 23/24th

Take a long look to the future

From Software Defined Networking to next generation Ethernet, from tomorrow’s cyber threats to a new era in consolidation… we are entering an era of massive transformation, and NetEvents Garmisch points the way

We live in interesting times, and this week’s NetEvents 2012 EMEA Press and Analyst Summit presents an outstanding program of visionary solutions and forward thinking on the hottest topics in ICT tomorrow and today.

Judge a revolution by the quality of its leaders: Deutsche Telekom, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Verizon, and Yahoo! got together to rethink networking and accelerate Software Defined Networking (SDN) standards and solutions. Their first conference was massively over-subscribed – a sign of a world hungry for this revolution. The Garmisch conference program begins with a keynote by Dan Pitt, one of SDN’s key champions – but he won’t have an easy ride as we also have Ian Keene from Gartner hot on his heels to debate the market politics that might muddy the Open Network Foundation’s waters.

The second day’s guest speaker, Carolyn Crandall from Riverbed Technology, will introduce a new, evolutionary concept in IT consolidation – and the challenges it presents to the enterprise. Other challenges debated include sessions on: datacenter transformation, managing change in the enterprise, and a new level of intelligent security solutions to meet fast evolving cyber threats.

“The only constant is change” is a quote dating back to Heraclitus, and in the IT world those constants include Moore’s Law and the on-going evolution of Ethernet. So what could be more remarkable than the presence at NetEvents Garmisch of Bob Metcalfe, the father of Ethernet, announcing not just an evolution but an actual new generation of Ethernet… Once more: “You heard it first at NetEvents!”.

The most intense competition arises at the interface between great currents – and “Mobile” and “Cloud” are the two most dynamic currents in IT

today. So we are especially privileged to end the program with Cisco’s Roland Klemann sharing his vision of the mobile cloud – following a final debate on boosting profitability from mobile services.

We look forward to two days of visionary presentations, lively debate and discussion with industry leaders and the top EMEA media. More than 50 ICT business publications are represented at this summit covering 12+ countries throughout the EMEA region. Stay tuned….

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