10 February 2011

Infoblox reveals system management advantages

IP address and system automation company Infoblox today told journalists at NetEvents in Barcelona about its integration of network management company Netcordia.

The management product adds new capabilities to Infoblox's existing IP address management portfolio, allowing the company to seamlessly bridge the gap between server and network management, according to marketing vice-president Steve Garrison.

"VMware has automated virtual machine spin up and virtual switch configuration but not configuration of the physical switch, the load balancer and the firewall. Most management systems don't connect those two seamlessly, that's what we do," said Garrison.

The company's automated IP address management brings a lack of mistakes which contribute to 40 percent of the reasons for downtime, according to Garrison. The company's systems are suited mainly to larger companies. "We cut in around the 1,000-employee level and up. Eighty-five percent of our new customers come from word of mouth," said Garrison.

Questioned about security, Garrison said that Infoblox's products can also automate DNSSec once the steps have been gone through to create a secure digital certificate. "We also have multiple security levels for access to our management console," he said.

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