10 February 2011

Sourcefire brings Immunet news to NetEvents

Security company Sourcefire today told journalists at NetEvents in Barcelona about its recent acquisition of Immunet, and its upcoming release of a next-generation firewall.

"We're making a next-generation firewall," said Sourcefire Security Fellow Jason Brvenik. "It allows you to observe the network and know what applications are there. We can then tell users what's happening on their network and what to do malware is found."

"We offer security from cloud to core - from small office to datacentre," said Brvenik. "We bought Immunet because it brings cloud-based anti-malware technology and real-time protection. It protects from endpoints to cloud and is free and open source.

"The open source advantage brings us peer review and allows us to respond to new challenges very quickly. We're proud of what we do."

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