25 April 2012

NetEvents APAC Press Summit, Hong Kong - Day 1 Telco Systems CEO, 'In the Hot Seat'

Itzak Weinstein, CEO, Telco Systems was 'In the Hot Seat'
Weinstein spoke for about ten minutes about his vision for carrier cloud networking.

He said that there are virtual providers providing over-the-top services but real carriers have to capture customers and deliver end to end services. "Their motivations differ," he said.

"We want to maximise their benefits and value," he said. "Carriers want to innovate and improve revenue per user, and it's a question of either an open versus a closed approach." For Weinstein, carriers try to close off options and participation from others, analogous to the differences between Linux and Windows - this means there will be customers for both.

And for the end user, Weinstein said that this is all about the quality of the experience, and that the answer is a cloud gateway that sits between the cloud and the network, or in between clouds.

"It's all about openness - our device is known and open," he said. "It does cacheing and load balancing, and it works across clouds."

Manek Dubash then joined him on stage and fired questions at him.

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